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We deliver our flashcards after having updated (flashed or patched) its firmware so as to prevent the following message from appearing: "An error has occurred. Press and hold the POWER Button to turn the system off. Please refer to the Operations Manual for details". If the this message appears, it means that your console firmware has been updated by the Internet or by some specific games (or you just bought it updated). Before sending our flashcards we upgrade them so that they are compatible with all the existing firmware versions..

To solve the problem, we show you the process that all our flashcards go through at (before sending them to all our customers). If you want to do it at home proceed as follows:

1º) Download the latest kernel: access its manufacturer's website and click on the tab named "downloads" (or something similar). The web address should be writen on your flashcard

2º) Decompress the downloaded file to your computer.

3º) Copy the decompressed file (or files) and folder (or folders) into your micro sd card.

Now copy one game (or as the call it a "rom") to the micro sd and check if the flash card works. If this is the case, the problem has been solved. However, if the error message keeps on appearing ("An error has ocurred...") you have to flash the flashcart with a firmware update. This is explained in the following steps (be patient).

4º) Get hold of an unupgraded console: You need an additional console that has not been upgraded so that It is not "reluctant" to acept your flash card (your present console is useless to solve the problem because it is, in a way, "allergic" to your updated flashcard).  Therefore, you have to get hold of an unupdated 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite o DS. An old DS or DS LIte  are always safe options because neither of them can be upgraded. Don't worry about the model: for example a DSi can solve the problem for a 3DS (and, as we have just said, a DS or DS Lite solves the problem for any Nintendo model). When you finished the process you can use your initial console.

NOTE: the battery has to be fully charged (preferably plugged).

5º) Download the latest patch: access its manufacturer's website and click on the tab named "downloads" (or something similar). Once there, you have to download the firmware patch from the upgrade fimware area (or an "area" with a similar name).

6º) Decompress the downloaded file in your computer

7º) Copy in the micro sd card the file (or files) decompressed

8º) Run the patch: insert the micro sd in the flashcard slot and introduce the flashcard into the console. Switch on the console, access the flashcard and select the file that apperars. It "seems to be a game" but it isn't a game but the patch. Select this file and press the buttom A (as many times as required) and wait until the upgrading process finishes.

WARNING: Don't switch off the console until the process finishes (a message informing you that the process has finished will eventually appear). Otherwise, the flashcard could be ruined.

NOTE: It may happen that the manufacturer card has not released the patch of your flashcard. Or it has released it only for the new flashcards that have been produced. Even if your card looks the same as the photo in the web for the new product it is not necesarily the same (the internal chip may have changed). If you try a flash card that cannot be upgraded or you use the wrong patch, the flash card can be ruined.

If you have found this page helpful, one way to support us is to become a fan of our web in Facebook. In this way you are making it possible for us to carry on helping people specially children. Thanks to your support they will change tears for smiles and would be very grateful to realize that their flashcard has come to life again. Thanks a lot.

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